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Since the establishment the company has exerted all valuable efforts to be distinct and pioneer in its business field. Hence all works have been intended to be varied and advanced for the purpose of providing the most ideal services for both the public and private sectors. A number of distinguished public projects have been accomplished for the National Guard, Ministry of Defense, Transport Ministry, Water and Electricity Ministry, Rural and Municipality Affairs Ministry, Saudi Telecommunication Company. Large projects for Private Sector such as Housing plans, Industrial Zone, Tourism resort and other have been executed by the company that gain more popularity and well-known reputation.

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Human Resources...

The Company considers highly the availability of Technical and Administrative Staff among those who have vast experience and qualification. The Human Resources Represents the benchmark of the company. There is always an intent to develop if and increases its personnel through recruiting new qualified person for the success of the company. Therefore, the company is capable to achieve the main objectives with highly quality works, efficient performance and sufficient speed that satisfying all clients’ needs

Capabilities and Abilities...

For the purpose of executing such works, the company has no option but to mobilize the most qualified technical staff and complete fleet of equipment’s, tools, machines, various types of transportation means. A budget has been allocated by the end of 2016 for five years plan. The aim is to upgrade and increase such fleet that to cope with the ascending increase of works volume and to meet the old and new clients’ requirements. The idealism vision of the company has attracted new pioneered clients from both the public and private sectors. That is the main motivation for us to allocate and approve such budget.


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